Joe’s Wake Up Call!

September, 2010

It finally happened!  I was turning left onto Providence Road during morning rush hour and BAM! I got T-boned by a Prius!  Thank goodness no one was hurt and after a few weeks driving a Yaris (OH NO!), I’ve got my car back good as new.

But I’ve got to be honest…I was talking up a storm on my cell phone when the accident happened.  Who knows if it even would have occured if I had been giving my full attention to what I was doing.  In fact, I had two close calls in the weeks prior to warn me, once while turning left and the other while texting (I know!). So I’m ready to make a behavior change.  But I need to tell all of you to make it stick!  From now on, I am going to put my cell phone in my briefcase in the trunk while I am driving…that’s the only way that I will stop.  I’ve even decided to sign “Oprah’s Pledge”!
Here’s how this fits in with health and fitness…somebody is going to get killed talking or texting!  So I think that qualifies!  In fact, I think we all should commit to make this change!
If you’re willing and I hope that you are….go to our Facebook page and say so!  I want to see how many people we can get to commit to letting go of this dangerous habit!  You’ll also find a link to Oprah’s pledge there so you can make it official.  Who knows…maybe making this change will help us make some other ones too!  Such as exercising daily or giving up soda or whatever.  The sky’s the limit!