Little Baby Fat Bombs!!

Candy Corn and PumpkinsIt’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of October and the holidays are upon us! I hope everyone is ready for a Happy Halloween and won’t partake in too many little baby fat bombs…

“So what are little baby fat bombs” you ask?!? They are those innocent, little bite-sized pieces of candy that you supposedly bought for the trick or treaters but proceeded to eat yourself. It is really hard to believe how quickly these tasty little morsels can add up! Here’s a look at the calorie count of just a few…

~Twizzlers- 1 treat size pkg.= 45 calories
~Almond Joy- 1 snack size bar= 90 calories
~Milk Duds- 1 treat size box= 40 calories
~Butterfinger- 1 snack size bar= 100 calories
~Milky Way- 1 snack size bar= 90 calories
~Reese cup- 1 minature cup= 36 calories

So…I ate seven minature Reese cups(among other things!!) That’s 252 calories! That’s more than two full-sized cups…which I never allow myself to have! No wonder I had such a Halloween hangover on Saturday!  That’s what I get for buying the candy early!  Next time I’ll know to buy something I don’t like!

Sometimes when I’m gorging myself…I visualize a gas pump display ticking away the calories in my stomach…just like it does the gallons of gas in your car tank. Then I begin to wonder just how much am I going to have to move to work all of those calories off…and is it really worth it?? In this instance, it really was worth it! But I bet we’ve all got a little bit of extra cardio work to do this week! See you at the gym!!

OH and by the way, if you’ve still got any of those little baby fat bombs lying around after Sunday 10-31-10 … unwrap and place in outdoor trash can … FAST!  Better it go into the trash than become trash in your body!!