The Politics of Fitness and Weight Loss …

November, 2010

I must admit that I am a politics junkie.  I spend countless hours watching and listening to all of the various pundits lamenting about our government and its parties.

During this last election cycle, one of the big debates was whether our country has a “spending” problem or a “revenue” problem.  It got me to thinking about my work and how this really relates to many different areas of our lives.  In fitness, for example, “spending” is a good thing…it’s the amount of calories you expend each day through daily activities and exercise.  “Revenue,” on the other hand, is the amount of calories we consume through food and drink.

SO!  Do you have a spending or a revenue problem when it comes to your fitness program???  When it’s time to make a change, which one comes first…spending or revenue?

For me, the easiest place to put my energy is with increased spending. I know that if I put in the time at the gym or on the pavement, I can definitely change my body composition.  However, I also know that the ONLY way I can be ultimately successful is to look at my “revenue” or my diet.

I guess the point is that we have to find a balance…we can’t depend solely upon spending or revenue to make the changes we want.  So take a look at your fitness and nutrition balance sheet and see where you might be willing to make a change!