Something in the Water…

Photo courtesy of flickr user Like_the_Grand _Canyon via CC license

Last weekend I had a coupon for a free VitaminWater from Harris Teeter. I was surprised to see all the different kinds and quickly picked the Power-C Dragonfruit flavor. The next morning, I grabbed it out of the fridge and chugged it on my way to work. Wow…it was some pretty amazing stuff! Tasted great, had a full days worth of vitamin C and a slew of B vitamins. I thought I had found a new favorite….then I started thinking, this stuff tastes pretty sweet?!? Wonder how many calories it has. As I looked at the nutrition label, I saw that it had 50 calories and 13 grams of sugar. Not bad, I thought….my diet can handle one of these tasty drinks every now and again. But then I looked a little closer….one bottle has two and a half servings!! No wonder it tastes so good! That means a bottle of VitaminWater actually has 125 calories and 32.5 grams of sugar!! That’s the equivalent of 6+ teaspoons of sugar…in other words, every one of those 125 calories is a calorie of sugar! Not a healthy food at all. Bummer.

As I searched around the web to learn a little more about this VitaminWater, I found that there have even been lawsuits against the Coca-cola compnay for false marketing. Well…their false marketing sure worked on me! I also found that Americans are currently consuming 25% of their daily calories in fluids. Just imagine how easy it would be to replace that VitaminWater or that Coke or that (drat!) glass of wine with a glass of good old water…you know the kind with nothing in it! Just for fun…if we held all else equal and only eliminated 250 calories of fluids from our diet for 60 days….we could lose over four pounds!

I guess the moral of this story is…sometimes things that seem too good to be true, really are!! Read those labels and be an educated consumer. Have a great week!!