You want me to do what??

Question Mark GreenI grew up without a dad and when it came to learning about various and sundry “guy stuff,” I was mostly on my own.  One thing that my mom never explained to me was just how to perform a “Testicular Self Exam.” And for that, I’m eternally grateful…thanks Mom!  No really, I mean it…Thanks Mom!  I don’t think I could’ve handled that discussion!

Over the past couple weeks,I’ve seen these great commercials that depict people in restaurants or retail stores and they are asking all kinds of goofy questions.  Then it segues to the character at a routine doctor visit and the doctor asks them if they have any questions.  Of course, they say “oh no, everything’s fine, thanks.”  Of course, they probably had a million and one questions for the doctor but were too embarrassed or afraid to ask, just like we all are.

Isn’t that just the way it is?  When we get into a setting where we need to ask the important questions and get all the facts, we chicken out and leave without getting the information that we not only want but really need to know.

So!  That’s the purposeof this fit tip.  To help us all learn the why’s and how’s of Testicular and Breast Self-Exams.  The two links below will take you to the Mayo Clinic’s web site page on both of these topics:

When I searched on Google, I even found YouTube videos on the topics!  But I wasn’t sure that all of our clients were ready for that! So, I’ll let you go find those for yourself.  I have been on the dark and scary journey of a cancer diagnosis and treatment with many clients and friends over the years. One thing always holds true, their accelerated fitness level helps them to endure the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery with a whole lot more strength and endurance.  Not to mention with confidence and purpose.  The absolute most frightening thing in our lives is the unknown.  So start these self-exams today, you’ve got nothing to lose! If you do find something, I (or we) will be right here by your side to walk through the darkness with dignity and strength.