How to Grow a Couch Potato

I grew up at the dawn of the computer age.  Atari was the latest craze and kids still went outside to play in the afternoons when they got home from school.  However, I have this great mom that taught me things like fast food is a delicacy, dessert comes with every meal, and sports and rigorous physical activity are meant for athletes.  It’s not surprising that I tipped the scale at two hundred pounds by the time I turned thirteen.

As I reached my early twenties, I realized that my weight was making me very unhappy.  I began a strict diet and exercise program.  I would lose the weight and then return to my regular lifestyle of fast food and inactivity.  Needless to say, I would quickly gain the weight back and add on a little more for good measure.  Soon, I realized that I needed to make a lifestyle change.  Having no idea what that meant, I returned to college and pursued a degree in Health Promotion.  Today, I manage my weight with a much healthier lifestyle and daily activity.

I now own a personal training business at the YWCA and I use my personal experiences to help other people learn how to make some of these same lifestyle changes.  However, I do believe that the root of my problem was that I never learned how to be healthy when I was a kid.  Having grown up overweight, I now see this problem all around me.  When I was in school I was the one who was different because of my weight.  Today, kids everywhere are sedentary and overweight.  Studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2001 indicated that 25% of all white children are overweight and 33% of all African American and Hispanic children are overweight.  Those numbers are even higher today. Furthermore, the number of overweight children increased by 400% between 1982 and 1994.  400%!  So, my question for you is this…are you growing couch potatoes?!  We must remember that our children learn by example.  Exercise alongside your children.  Teach them healthy eating habits by practicing them yourself.  Enroll them in group sports and encourage them to participate in an active lifestyle.  This summer, choose experiences for your child that will help them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how great it feels to be active.  Remember, it is paramount that you lead by example!  Do it for your health and theirs.

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