Are you really healthy?

April 2009
Mind-Body-Spirit may seem like the new trend in exercise and fit­ness, but the truth is, it is nothing new, simply the old basics of health. Overall health involves five dimensions: emotional, intel­lectual, physical, social and spiritual health. So often we focus on just one aspect of health and completely neglect the others. All dimensions of health are equal and a balance among them leads to optimal health.
Emotional health: The understanding of one‘s emotions and knowing how to cope with everyday problems and stress. Enjoy­ment in life and optimism are key aspects of this dimension.

Intellectual Health: The part of the mind which contributes to sound decision making. Critical thinking and decision making are important aspects of this dimension. Intellectual health and emo­tional health are very closely related.

Physical Health: This is the condition of the body and its re­sponses to damage and disease. Adequate exercise, maintaining normal body weight, regular health care check ups, and balancing work and rest are important aspects of this dimension.

Social Health: The ability to perform one‘s role in life as a son/ daughter, parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, or citizen comfortably, with pleasure, and without harming other people. Maintaining healthy relationships and effective communication is important in this dimension.

Spiritual Health: The feeling that one‘s behavior and basic val­ues are in harmony. It may include a sense of awe with nature‘s beauty and majesty, a deeply held religious faith, or a sense of inner peace in regard to one‘s life. With this dimension, it is the development of a meaningful relationship with the universe and life itself, regardless of the method used to find it.