How to Stay Motivated… One Step at a Time.

June 2009

1. Start with SHORT TERM goals.

2. REWARD yourself for meeting those goals.

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. Keep POSITIVE ENERGY going.

4. VISUALIZE yourself at your happiest and healthiest.

5. Have CONSEQUENCES. Be accountable for sticking to your plan.

6. Track your SUCCESSES. Write everything down.

  1. Start with short term goals. Keep your commitment to your workout EACH WEEK instead of “for the month.” Stick to your diet for the next THREE DAYS instead of saying “I’m going to be good through the summer.” If you take it by baby steps you’ll feel successful more often and it will keep you optimistic.
  2. Now REWARD yourself for those significant goals! Please do not use this as an excuse to reward yourself with ice cream! How about that new magazine at the grocery store? Or the latest Bestseller! Then bring that new book or magazine to the gym and try out the recumbent bike. The time will FLY by! For your more long term goals, maybe a new workout outfit or a few new tunes for your iPod?
  3. You are not “perfect” so do not beat yourself up if you are not as successful as you want to be. The trick is in the small goals. Make them attainable so that you keep that positive energy going! If you slip up and eat that (insert goodie here), enjoy it and then make a new goal for yourself tomorrow!
  4. VISUALIZE yourself at your happiest and healthiest! Sit quietly and imagine yourself somewhere you enjoy (beach, woods, lake, mountains) and begin to see yourself where you want to be when all of these small goals begin to take shape. I bet you are smiling wherever you are and remind yourself of this visualization if you begin to wonder if you want to go to the gym tonight or not.
  5. Have CONSEQUENCES! If your child doesn’t do his/her homework, there are consequences! Ask your trainer or a friend or family member to help keep you accountable and/or take away something good if you do not stick to your plan. Take away the TV or your favorite book if you do not hit the gym after work tonight. Make yourself dust a room full of baseboards instead!
  6. Track your SUCCESSES! Buy one of those cute or funny calendars you’ve always wanted and write down EVERY DAY you do something you feel good about! Whether it was getting to the gym for a 2 hour long workout, sticking to your eating plan for the day, or simply taking the dog for an extra long walk. Chart EVERYTHING, because EVERYTHING is important!