Great testimonial from client Jesse Eichenbaum

We are always thrilled to get emails from our clients!Jesse Eichenbaum wrote to us recently to share some great news.
I’m writing to you for a couple of reasons.  The first and most important is to say thank you for all your help in getting me strong and healthy again.  I know we’ve been at it together a long time but a couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing day of downhill skiing ever!  I was in untracked bottomless powder all day.  My friend and I skied very hard and the conditions were very demanding, but the snow was spectacular.  I don’t think I could have done that a year or two ago without all the training you’ve given me on how to strengthen my core, and all the education you’ve given me on stretching, strengthening, and improving.  So thank you for all that, for allowing me at age 61 to still ski at the level I used to ski at when I was 40!
~ Jesse