The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight
“When eating out in a restaurant, people grossly underestimate how much they eat and drink by about 50%”– Brian Wansink, Cornell University & author of “Mindless Eating”

Those of you who have known me anytime at all have seen me skinny and not-so skinny.  I have all of the tools in my toolbox but sometimes I forget where I put the key to the darn lock!

Recently, I went out to this great Italian restaurant and they brought me this ginormous plate of pasta.  I thought (just before inhaling every last morsel of it) “I wonder just how many servings this really is…”  As I left the restaurant, feeling fat and happy, I thought this is something I need to research and report on to my clients.

In a recent study done by Harvard Medical, two-thirds of  participants underestimated the amount of calories they were consuming.  They also found that the heavier the person, the more they would underestimate what they were consuming.  Wow!  Maybe this IS the key to why you can’t lose any weight.  Did you know that a serving of medium sized french fries is 10-12 fries??  Or that a serving of red wine is 4-5 fluid ounces?  Tell me…when was the last time you ate 10-12 fries or drank 5 ounces of wine?!

Here’s an experiment for you…pour that glass of wine or bowl of cereal, don’t try to be “good”…just be normal.  Then pour it into as measuring cup and see just how much you are over-estimating your portion size!  Spend some time this week measuring out the portion size of your most frequently consumed foods and beverages.  Those calories really add up!!  Have a great week and look for “The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Any Weight Part Two” very soon!