Industrial Strength has partnered with Amy Peacock of Charlotte Chi Running/Chi Walking to provide a special session just for our clients!

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to recognize the Top 5 running injury symptoms including IT Band┬ásyndrome and shin splints.
  • Discover how to self-treat a running injury.
  • Learn to perform strengthening and stretching exercises designed to prevent the development of running injuries.
  • Amy Peacock, Chi Running/Walking expert and founder of VirtualAthlete.com will discuss tips to reduce injuries with proper running techniques.

Session day/time:
The session will be held on a Saturday morning and will be two hours.

$60 per person

If you would be interested in this Saturday morning workshop, please email Joe Montgomery at INStrengthinc@aol.com to let us know. Please indicate your interest and available Saturdays in June and July. We must have a minimum of 8 people sign up to hold a class. Once we have all of the interest, we will choose a Saturday date in June or July.

What is Chi Running?

Chi Running is a revolutionary form and philosophy that combines the inner focus of Tai Chi with the power and energy of running to reduce impact and make running a safer, more enjoyable sport.

Injury prevention and Energy Efficiency: The core of the Chi Running program philosophy and something a runner should be mindful of with every step they take.

Alignment and Relaxation: Two skills used to produce Injury Prevention and Energy Efficiency. When you are aligned and relaxed while running and walking (as in life) you will increase mental clarity and focus – and reduce stress significantly.

The beauty of Chi Running is that it enhances the joy of running by creating a safe and effective lifelong program of health and fitness, which will extend into all areas of your life.

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